On TargetTM Training by Shawna Karrasch is a proven training technique. Used by professionals and Olympic-caliber riders as well as amateur riders, this reward reinforcement training system dramatically accelerates the training process for any breed or discipline by unlocking a horse's natural desire to perform. What results is an incredible bond between human and horse - a partnership based on success.

The basic starting tools include:

  • a small hand-held clicker which reinforces desired behavior
  • a hand-held "target" for direction and focus
  • a waist-mounted container of treats for reward reinforcement

Step-by-step, you and your horse develop better communication and increased motivation to perform.

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Telescoping Target

It has a grippy handle, wrist strap and stick clicker attached.

Telescoping Target with Clicker

The On Target Training system fills a big hole by giving us a way to reward the horse during training.

Beezie Patton Madden, Olympic Gold Medalist www.johnmaddensales.com

I've used On Target Training for everything from clipping ears to starting piaffe. I love any training technique that's based on reward (positive)

Jane Savoie, USET international dressage rider, coach, author and speaker www.janesavoie.com

I recommend the concept behind 'target-training' because when combined with a good lesson plan, it gives the trainer an opportunity to develop a definitive and consistent way to tell the horse, "Yes, that's it!

John Lyons, America's Most Trusted Horseman www.johnlyons.com

On Target Training, Shawna Karrasch

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