Book: "You Can Train Your Horse to Do Anything"
On Target Training: Clicker Training and Beyond
By Shawna and Vinton Karrasch
Now available as paperback!

For over a decade this award winning book has been helping people rethink the way they interact with their horses. This 202 page paperback book thoroughly breaks down reward reinforcement training so it is easy for you to read, learn and train your horse. You'll learn "Bridge Signals," "target" usage and specific training techniques for trailer loading, starting young horses, ground and under saddle work, behavior problems and even tricks. Free Basic Clicker included with purchase of book.

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"Shawna's wonderful little book and accompanying DVD have long been my go-to resource for teaching owners, trainers, veterinarians, animal scientists and applied animal behaviorists to most efficiently train a horse, as Shawna says, "to do anything." Shawna is gifted at translating good science-based information and time-tested positive reinforcement techniques into simple steps that anyone can do." -Dr. Sue McDonnell
Dr. Sue McDonnell is the founding head of the Equine Behavior Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

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Video: "You Can Train Your Horse to Do Anything"
Run Time: 53 min.

DVD: You Can Train Your Horse To Do AnythingIn this fun and easy to follow DVD, you will learn how to add positive reinforcement into your current training program both (on the ground and under saddle). This DVD has helped 1000's horses and their humans to improve their relationship AND they both enjoy the process! It will help you to understand why your horse does the things he does. Furthermore, you will learn how to change and shape his behavior. You will learn how to establish the clicker as a communication tool, as well as how and when to use the target. This training is ideal for every discipline and level of rider. You will be thrilled with the change in your horse. The DVD was filmed at Olympic Gold Medalist (Show Jumping) Beezie Madden and her husband, John's farm in Cazenovia, NY. Beezie discusses how she uses On Target Training under saddle. Free Basic Clicker included with purchase of physical DVD only.

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introduction to the video, "You Can Train Your Horse To Do Anything" (1:37 min)

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"Thank you so much! I can't wait to refer my lesson clients to your info. I use clicker training for my equine physical therapy to reward positive changes in relaxation for stressed and worried horses as well as my lessons. Thank you so much for putting your training program on DVD!" -Rhonda

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Video: DeSpooking Your Horse: Building Boldness and Confidence

DeSpooking Your Horse 6 DVD Set

This six DVD series will take you on a journey to a trustworthy horse. Your horse will learn to be calm and relaxed even when the unexpected happens. These exercises teach your horse to make good decisions and helps to keep his heart rate low no matter what is going on around him. It is fun, informative and will change the way you look at horse training. You will establish a trust that goes beyond words. You will have the bold, confident partner you always wanted!

6-disk DVD Set : $197.00
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"Oi Shawna. Did it yesterday without clicker, just with my voice, on a horse freaking out because the stormwind rattled in the trees and at the door of the covered ring I used to do some ground work. And the horse came again and again to the noisy corner, and finally stopped flying away at the next rattle... Great experience! I like your clear way of explaining and showing things!" -Helene

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Video: "On Target Trailer Loading"

DVD: On Target Trailer LoadingTeach your horse to be the calm, reliable trailer loader that you've always wanted. Using Shawna's positive reinforcement technique you will get a confident horse who loads anytime, anywhere! Through this process you will also build a more trusting relationship with your horse.

DVD 1 - Shawna shows you how to put the basic and advanced behavior principles to work for trailer loading. She works with 3 different horses and points out the subtle (and not so subtle) signals they give along the way. She shows you how to address some of the issues that can go along with trailer loading.

DVD 2 - Shawna works with her her own horse Bugs, to help him go from a non loader to a self loader. This real time DVD shows him going from start to finish in less than 40 minutes.

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Video: "Positively Simple Sheath Cleaning"

Positively Simple Sheath Cleaning DVDI have been surprised by the response I have received about this topic so far. Let's just say sheath cleaning isn't usually discussed around the dinner table! There is definitely a lack of good instruction on how to safely get this accomplished even though people have been quite ready and willing to learn. Well, I decided to make a DVD... it is high time we take the mystery out of this simple task!

In this video, I will show you how to handle and clean your horse's sheath as well as where to find the "bean". More importantly, you will learn how to teach him to stand quietly while you handle these sensitive areas on his body. This will result in a skill that you can use over and over, not just for his sheath but for any area where he seems to be reactive or protective. Using positive reinforcement, you can teach him to choose to be relaxed and calm during the entire process.

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Video: "Calm and Confident Clipping"

Calm and Confident Clipping DVDTeach your horse to stand quiet and relaxed while he is being clipped... even the sensitive areas! No more medication, no more twitching and no more frantic horses. You will have the calm horse you always wanted, without resistance, pressure or coercion.

Using the proven principles of positive reinforcement you can change your horse's attitude, from one of suspicion to one of trust. You will be adding something to the training equation that your horse values. He will choose to be a part of the training because he will become invested in the outcome. The best part is that you will be building a better relationship during the process.

The DVD shows the different stages of clipping. The real focus is on teaching your horse to stand quietly throughout the process. I will also address some of the issues that can make clipping an unpleasant experience for your horse and how to remedy them.

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Online Coaching

Have you always wanted to learn clicker training but were unsure of how best to start? Maybe you know the theory but have found it difficult to put to use? Then this program is perfect for you!

This 6 week course is tailored to your specific level and situation, from the greenest beginner to the ultra-advanced. You will be taught how to put the behavior principles to use in real life, everyday situations. You will learn how to increase motivation, build trust and confidence.

Shawna and you will communicate through email, video and a weekly phone conference that will have you and your horse quickly overcoming specific problems and reaching the goals that you've long desired.

$325.00 for 6 sessions
$225.00 for 3 sessions
$85.00 for 1 sessions





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