De-Spooking Your Horse: Building Boldness and Confidence

This FREE video series includes how to get started by building trust and communication, de-spooking
from the ground, and finally taking it under saddle.


Spookiness in your horse is unsettling and unnecessary! The good news is, with positive reinforcement we can change that. Sign up to the left so I can give you a tool that really changes what your horse chooses to do when faced with something he doesn’t know or like.

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This is an exercise that will help you get your horse focused, calm and settled, so he can become more trustworthy.

  1. Getting Started!
    I’ll start with teaching you to build a form of communication with your horse, setting him up for success and helping you to build trust with him.
  2. Moving on to Ground Work
    Next we’ll take these principles we learned and move them into practical application, getting your horse used to something spooky on the ground.
  3. Taking it Under Saddle
    Lastly we’ll move to an under saddle situation, where spookiness causes the most anxiety.

Through this exercise, your horse will learn to minimize his response to unknown and unsettling situations, and you will actually see your horse choosing to keep it together. This allows you to trust your horse.

Build Boldness and Confidence in your horse
Build Boldness and Confidence in yourself!

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